Using the tips from this report, you will instantaenously obtain what insights you may not be aware of that could keep you from passing your NCLEX exam!

What this report will teach you

For many people, nursing school was only the beginning, the stepping stone to their careers, their dreams and their aspirations. However,there is one more gateway necessary to access those dreams and it is the successful completion of the NCLEX test. This report will help lead them into those doors and surpass that gate. The information provided in this report is missing link between a nurse passing versus failing their NCLEX exam. 

The 3 most common challenges

  • "I'm so anxious about this test. I don't feel confident I'm going to pass it and taking tests is not my best asset"

  • "I've already failed this exam twice, three times, maybe even four times! I'm starting to think I'm not meant to be a nurse. Why is this test so hard?"

  • "There are so many resources! Which do one do I choose? How do I know that one will work?"

More than 7,000 people have already downloaded this report. The tips provided gave them specific mistakes and guidance toward succesfully passing their NCLEX exam. 

Some words on the Report

  • The biggest challenge I had before I connected with Nurse Chioma is being very anxious.  People were pestering me about when I was going to test. The helpful testing tips were a God send. You helped me with the areas that I needed to put my time and skills. Nurse Chioma is 
    very open and available. You really care and your passion shows. You are more than willing to help all that come to you. 

    Rashaunda S. LPN

  • My biggest challenge before connecting with Nurse Chioma was anxiety while trying to comprehend information. Your advice gave me so much inspiration. The three tangible and measurable changes you gave me was improved confidence, decreased test anxiety, and I recieved valuable nursing lectures. You are very personable and you speak more like a friend than an instructor.

    Deandra W. RN  .