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Preparing for your TEAS exam but still feel insecure about your content knowledge? Want to reinforce before taking the exam? The TEAS Prep Bundle it's for you! This ultimate bundle includes a wide variety of content that explains and makes simple for you the subjects about pharmacology, diseases, and the body systems.





What you'll learn:

The TEAS Prep Bundle contains the core teachings to help you prepare for pharmacology, body systems, and diseases. This course will equip you with the content you need to be a strong test taker.

Pharmacology Study Package

Struggling with grasping pharmacology? This is the perfect product for you. Receive access to a wealth of pharmacology video teachings, pharmacology assessment, pharmacology cheat sheet, pharmacology flashcards, and more!

Body Systems Crash Course II

Learn how to quickly understand anatomy and physiology in 5 hours inside of our body systems crash course where Nurse Chioma reviews all of the 11 body systems.

70 Diseases Cheat Sheet Digital Audio Bundle

Learn multiple different kinds of disease processes which will help you to better understand the pathophysiology of each disease process and how it affects the human body.

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This is for you if you are looking for:

Visual Content

You enjoy learning through visual aides that helps you to better understand what you are studying while simultaneously learning it.

Focus Strategy Content

You are looking for a simplified and easy resource that will help you to better understand medical surgical nursing.

Online Teachings

You want to study the pertinent and necessary information that you absolutely need to know when it comes to really understanding important topics on the TEAS exam. 

Self-paced Access

You are a aspiring nursing student and you often find yourself feeling frustrated because you are not learning the information "fast enough" and you need a resource that will help you to better understand it. 

Sometimes the reason why we're not totally grasping information is not that there's something wrong with us but because of the way the information is being presented to us. 

Get to know what's inside this bundle:

If the TEAS exam is standing in the way of your nursing career, we’re here to help!

A three-hour recording pharmacology review training of medications classifications, dosage calculations, pediatric calculations and food and drug interactions.

Our pharmacology broadcast bundles series which is five additional video trainings on understanding pharmacology. 

PDF notes that cover medication administration, side effects and multiple food and drug interactions.

Pharmacology Strategies for The NCLEX video training which highlights, parenteral nutrition and different factors you need to understand about pharmacology. 

A list of important nursing abbreviation.

70 Diseases And Conditions. The 70 Diseases NCLEX Cheat Sheet contains so many things you need to know to help you study effectively for your TEAS exam.

over 100+ slides in PDF format of the pharmacology and body systems training.

A pharmacology assessment test- Once you complete the trainings you can take this quick assessment test to test what you learned from the teachings. 

Psychotropic medications teaching which reviews different psychotropic medications you need to know.

Additional pharmacology and nursing resources.

Body Crash Course. Each video is about 30 minutes to 1 hour long and will cover the following topics: The cardiovascular system; The respiratory system; The lymphatic system; The digestive system; The integumentary and endocrine system; The muscular system; The skeletal system; The urinary system; The nervous system.

*You will also receive downloadable PowerPoint slides for each video.

Additional pharmacology trainings of more medication classifications

Online pharmacology flash cards 

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Words from Nurse Chioma.

As a Registered Nurse and Business Entrepreneur/NCLEX Prep Coach, I don't want to just give you a bunch of information to overwhelm you, but I want to equip you with how to really use it so you can apply it later. My goal through these programs was to provide a simple solution that will give you the necessary strategies you need that will position you to finally pass your exam once and for all and enjoy your nursing career. 


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Q: Once I purchase the product, how do I access it?

A: As soon as you purchase any of our products, you will immediately receive an email (check your spam) to login to your membership portal to access the products. If you do not receive this email, simply go to our website and click HELP to login into the site. Otherwise, you can email us support@choosingnursing.net and we will respond back within 24 business hours.

Q: How do I know it's for me?

A: If you are looking to learn and practice prior to your test date, our bundle is one of the best ways to help you prepare, improve and increase your chances to pass your TEAS. With our Prep Bundle, you will gain confidence in your abilities to answer the questions correctly and build a stronger foundation on pharmacology, body system and diseases.

Q: Does the class include practice questions?

A: Inside the video trainings, we go over practice questions and it also includes a mini-assessment test.

Q: How long do I have access to the bundle?

A: You will have access for 3 months

Q: When can I get started?

A: Right away! Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an e-mail (make sure to check your SPAM it goes there sometimes) with more details on how to log in to the membership site and access your library. If you have any issues, feel free to emails us at support@choosingnursing.net

Q: How do I access everything?

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